Welcome to Fairbairn Private Bank

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Welcome to Fairbairn Private Bank


Fairbairn Private Bank operates a successful and comprehensive private banking and personal operation on behalf of a wide range of clients. These include private individuals, professional intermediaries, small and large companies, trusts, governments and institutional investors. At Fairbairn Private Bank we are unashamedly driven by our client’s needs and have won numerous awards and international recognition for not only our products and services, but also the quality of our client service, innovation and employee commitment. In addition, the Bank was the first British offshore island based bank to hold an independent “A” credit rating (Moody’s).
Although principally a private bank, from our British offshore locations we can offer additional advantages where our client’s residency or domiciliary status allows.
The gateways to our banking, investment, trust and corporate services are through our offices in the Isle of Man and Jersey. Both are leading international finance centres with wide recognition as respected and highly regulated jurisdictions. Our services are also available through the dedicated, specialist team of staff in our South African representative office.


A Simple and Effective Solution to Portfolio Diversification
Our Strategic Asset Allocation Service (SAAS) achieves performance through dynamic asset allocation across all of the major asset classes (cash, bonds, property, equities and alternative investments). It targets a real return above risk free cash rates over a three to five year period.

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