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What is a trust ?
A trust is a legal arrangement, almost always in writing (the Trust Deed), whereby the original owner of the assets (the Settlor), transfers them to another (the Trustee), who will hold the assets for the benefit of others (the Beneficiaries). The Settlor can also be a Beneficiary of the trust.

Forming a Jersey trust is a highly effective way of protecting wealth and Fairbairn Trust Limited, generally in conjunction with the client’s professional advisers, can arrange for trusts to suit individual requirements.

By creating a trust the Settlor gives up legal ownership of the assets. They are transferred or gifted into the trust fund so it is essential that the Settlor understands fully the implications of creating a trust.

The creation of an offshore trust is capable of delivering significant benefits both to the Settlor and Beneficiaries. Please click here to read about the potential benefits of a trust.

Fairbairn Trust Limited offer the following types of trust:
Discretionary Trusts
Interest in Possession Trusts
Accumulation and Maintenance Trusts
Employee Benefit Trusts
These are just a few examples of the services that can be provided by our Trust Team. Our team is also well versed in insurance related products and the incorporation and administration of corporate vehicles.